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Privatisation and the European Social Model (PRESOM)

Projektpersonal der HWR

Mahnkopf, Birgit, Prof. Dr.   (Teil-Projektleiter/in)   


University of Dortmund



The Coordination Action (CA) PRESOM - Privatisation and the European Social Model is a three years project (2006–2008) which is financed by the European Commission, DG Research within the 6th Framework Programme of the EU.


The activities in the CA will mobilise and bring together existing high-level relevant European research capacities in the field of privatisation and liberalisation. The participants come from different countries - large and small EU countries, Mediterranean, new CEECs - representing the wealth and diversity of historical, social and cultural traditions and representing also the diversity of problems, including gender problems. The participants also represent different scientific disciplines - various fields of economics, political science and sociology - which are necessary to understand and address the issues of Priority 7 in general and the problems of privatisation in its different economic, political and social dimensions in particular. In thematising the impact of liberalisation and privatisation upon society at large and on new constellations between the public and the private sector the CA addresses centrally one of the essential problems of a knowledge-based society: the changing relationship between the citizens on the one hand and between citizens and institutions - markets, governments and intermediate institutions - on the other hand. In the course of the CA the participants will not only communicate between themselves and with other scientific experts; they will also organise contact with political actors (governments, parliaments including the EP, the European Commission, interested organisations like trade unions, employers and enterprise organisations, CEEP, etc.) and social movements critical for instance of water or hospital privatisation. The CA will also cooperate closely with the network European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe (Euromemorandum Group) In this way it will be possible to "develop and disseminate reviews of state-of-the-art that may be used for research and teaching as well as for policy makers and more general audiences" (Work Programme p. 4, FP6, Priority 7: Citizens and Governance in a knowledge based society).


PRESOM involves 14 partners from Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. It is coordinated by Dr. Hermann Bömer, University of Dortmund, Faculty of Spatial Planning, Subject Area: Political Economy.


Geldgeber/-in Förderprogramm Freitext
Europäische Kommission 6th Framework Programme


Projekttitel Privatisation and the European Social Model (PRESOM)
Akronym PRESOM
ausführlicher Projekttitel
Projekttitel (English)
Laufzeit von 01.01.2006
Laufzeit bis 31.12.2008
HWR-interne Kostenträgernummer D06005
Projekt-URL http://www.presom.eu
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zur Veröffentlichung im Internet freigeben J
Änderungsdatum 16.08.2011 15:51:47

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