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Projektpersonal der HWR

Seyfried, Erwin, Professor Dr.   (Gesamt-Projektleiter/in)   


Groupement d'intérêt public formation continue et insertion professionnelle de Basse Normandie
Region Basse Normandie
Anniesland College of Further Education
Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki
Besni District National Education Directorate
Arcadia Consulting Srl
DIA-SPORT Association



Gathering regional institutions and VET and CVET organisations, our partnership aims at giving an overview of our contexts first by identifying existing practices throughout the overall quality management processes from impulse up to implementation by VET providers, then in an ongoing quality process to point out good practices and contemplate further improvement possibilities.
In that respect, three transnational preparation seminars with local and regional stakeholders, experts and beneficiaries will enable us to prepare a public conference in France whose outcome will be widely disseminated. The conference under the joint presidency of madame le Recteur de l'académie de Caen, the president of Lower Normandy and Qualipaths partners should gather training stakehoders from various backgrounds as well as decision makers and training networks. The preparation of the conference through preparatory seminars held in three countries will also be an opportunity to commit both European partners and local stakeholders and promote EQAVET and the ways VET organisation are involved in quality assurance as well as how regional or local policies give the impulse to a quality assurance approach. Our work in common also comes within the scope of further development of mobilities of beneficiaries under the ECVET system.


Geldgeber/-in Förderprogramm Freitext
Europäische Kommission LEONARDO DA VINCI (Berufliche Bildung)


Projekttitel Qualipath
Akronym Qualipath
ausführlicher Projekttitel
Projekttitel (English)
Laufzeit von 01.08.2011
Laufzeit bis 31.07.2013
HWR-interne Kostenträgernummer D11034
Projekt-URL http://qualipaths.blogspot.com/
Projekttyp Verbundvorhaben
Rolle der HWR bei Verbundvorhaben Partner
ggf. Aktenzeichen/Förderkennzeichen des Mittelgebers 2011-FR1-LEO04-2416
Status abgeschlossen
zur Veröffentlichung im Internet freigeben J
Änderungsdatum 12.11.2013 13:50:43